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Truck & Trailer Alignment

Vehicle alignment settings are important to proper vehicle operation. These settings affect handling, steering, stability, performance and safety. When a vehicle is in total alignment, all wheels are "headed" in one direction.


Vehicles that are properly aligned on regular basis can:

  • reduce running costs by extending tire wear for increased tire mileage
  • improve fuel economy
  • decrease component wear
  • reduce downtime for unplanned repairs
  • provide driver with easier driving conditions
  • result with safer vehicles

Think of the chassis of a truck or trailer as the foundation of that unit. If the foundation is square and solid, the chassis can support the maneuvers of the truck and the load of the trailer. If the engine horsepower and weight of the unit is focused in the same direction, the efficiency of the entire unit is accomplished.

Experience tells us that tires on a misaligned unit will wear unevenly with tread of 10/32 on one side and cords showing on the other side. These are tires that need replacing early in their life costing the operator unnecessary expenses. In addition, it leaves a casing with no value. It's a double hit to the expense column that could have been prevented with regular alignment.

Economics of regular alignment:
(Example. Actual results may vary.)

Annual Mileage: 50,000
Average fuel consumption: 5.5 miles per gallon
Average fuel price: $3.40
Annual fuel costs: $30,909.09
With proper alignment: 5% improvement
Annual Fuel Savings: $1,545.45
Cost of annual alignment: $200

Net annual savings: $1345.45

That's money in YOUR pocket.

If you have questions about truck or trailer alignments, please stop by and see our equipment, talk to our certified technicians and make an informed decision.

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